What if the check from the housing agency is late?

The tenant is not responsible for payment of the portion of contract rent covered by the housing assistance payment under the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) contract between the owner and the housing agency. The housing agency's failure to pay the housing assistance payments to the owner is not a violation of the lease. During the term of the lease, the owner may not terminate the tenancy of the family for nonpayment of the assistance payment.

It is the goal of the Garland Housing Agency to ensure payments are received in a timely manner. Due to recent changes in the cash management requirements and distribution of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), payments cannot be processed until the 1st business day of the month. Bank deposits are made within 3 to 4 business days there after.

If you need to update your Direct Deposit banking information or have questions regarding payment(s), please contact Keith Gorman via the contact information below:

Keith Gorman

Operations/Finance Manager

Garland Housing Agency


972-205-3385 direct

972-205-3388 fax

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