Can I pay my City of Garland property taxes online?

Yes, visit the Texas Payments website and follow the instructions given. You can make payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your payment will be posted to the account within 1 business day. Write down or print out the receipt for payment that's available at the time of the process.

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1. Can I pay my City of Garland property taxes online?
2. Can I view and print my tax statement online?
3. Do I have any other payment options?
4. Does your office have a drop box for payments?
5. How do I obtain a receipt for my payment?
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9. I placed my payment in the mail on January 31. Why did I receive a delinquent statement?
10. Is there a fee associated with using my credit card or for doing an E-check?
11. The collection attorney sent a letter regarding my delinquency and I don't have the money to pay. Should I wait until it goes to court?
12. What if I cannot pay the bill in full before February 1?
13. What if my payment is delinquent because I did not receive an annual notice?
14. What is the difference between a real property account and a business personal property account?
15. What kind of payments can I make online?