What is a sealed bid?

A sealed bid is defined as purchases more than $50,000 and require that bids indicate a specific date and time of closing. These bids must be submitted on or attached to the City’s Request for Bid document. The bid must be signed by an individual authorized to sign bids on behalf of the quoting company and must be received in the Purchasing Department no later than the specified time and date. Bids arriving after the specified time and date will not be accepted.

The City uses an Internet bid service to receive electronic sealed bids and hold reverse auctions. As a State of Texas municipality, all City purchases must be in accordance with all applicable state laws, rules, and regulations. All purchases are made through the competitive bid process and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder or to the bidder who provides goods or services at the best value to the City. Falsifying of a bid document results in that bid being rejected and the supplier being removed as an acceptable vendor.

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