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Hall Park


  1. Playground
  2. Trail

Bob Hall Park is a small neighborhood park situated on 4.8 acres of land. The park sits just to the south of Northlake Elementary School, which makes it a popular hangout for school kids. The park features a new playground and 0.1 miles of paved concrete trail that is perfect for mixed-use. There is an abundance of open space, making it the perfect place for a game of soccer, touch football, or whatever your imagination desires. 

Completed in Oct. 2021, Bob Hall Park playground is 6,000 square feet and contains poured-in-place rubberized surfacing, which allows full mobility throughout the whole playground. The improvements also include two extensive climbing elements, a swing set (2 individual, 1 shell seat), a spinner bowl, balance elements, and ADA accessible carousel.  


  • 4.8 total developed acres


  • Playground
  • 0.1 miles concrete trail