Can I request the library buy certain downloadable titles?

Yes, and you have a few options for suggesting titles:

  • Look up the titles you want on our OverDrive site or in the OverDrive app.  Titles that we do not own that are available for us to purchase in OverDrive will have a recommend option.  Select this to recommend we purchase the title.  Patrons can recommend three titles per month. Any of your recommendations we purchase will be put on hold for you.
  • Visit OverDrive's website and look up the title there.  You will be able to see if the title or author you want to read is even available as a downloadable book and in the format you want to read it in. You will be able to see if it is available in Garland Libraries, and if it is available in nearby libraries.  Email us the titles you would like us to purchase.
  • Email your titles requests Library Support and they will be sent to the Collection Development Team to research and possibly purchase.

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